No Jersey Fresh for Me


Jersey Fresh Jam! An annual event that I look forward to every year. If you have never been to one, you have no idea what your missing. The Jersey Fresh Jam is a hip-hop festival that’s showcases bands and emcees that are locally based. With vendors and food-trucks , there is fun for all ages. The highlight for me at the J.F.J (jersey fresh jam) is the aerosol art; also known as graffiti.

“It’s an element of hip-hop which is part of my cultural, it’s the inner cities hieroglyphics”

I love graffiti but I also love to photograph it.  It holds a place dear to my heart, I think of graffiti I think of growing up seeing it everywhere in the late 80’s then disappearing in the 90’s. It’s an element of hip-hop which is part of my cultural, it’s the inner cities hieroglyphics.  A lot of photographers treat spots they shot, like a graff artist would treat a spot they have bombed.  Most photographers don’t disclose to much info about the location of that exclusive shot they took unless your trusted. We try to hold on to the location of our heaven. The same essentials go in the world of graffiti. Some of us will also risk our life’s or run-in with the law to get that picture no one else has.  A lot of graff artist take the same exact risk. Have you ever looked up and seen graffiti on a water tower or building and “wonder how did they do that”?

If your some type of artist, photographer, dj, emcee, musician or entertainer or just have a love for the culture you don’t want to miss the date. Besides the laid back atmosphere The Terracycle provides, its an awesome place to network with like minded individuals.  I’ve been to the Jersey Fresh Jam the last 2yrs and nothing was going to stop me from being there this year, besides mother nature. I arrived late, like only 1hour left of the event late. I was there no longer then 10mins. A heavy storm came in with wind and ice cold rain. I was only able to get a few pictures, I missed the entire event. Until next year, 2016 no Jersey Fresh Jam for me.



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