I’m Ready

The sunset over the Hopewell Valley Vineyard


The deadline to an art show or exhibition. I have two weeks to choose which 5 out of 1,430 photos(an estimate) that feel is the best, or would generate the most attention. Between figuring which frame and print sizes would be best, I can’t sleep or relax. I’m analyzing every angle and color of my photos, while trying to remember where I was at that very moment and time when I took that photograph. Every show I have ever attended or participated in I learn something new.  As most artist you hold your creation or your craft very personal and dear to you. It’s your baby!  You put your heart and passion into it. Once you put it out into the world in front of an audience you’re opening the door for everyone else’s perspective or opinion, rather good or bad.

This is always what I wanted, I’m ready.

Outside of the gallery


“ Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”- Shakespeare





Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Some of my photos at the Story Tellers Exhibit at the Hopewell Valley Vineyard

A special thanks to C.A Shofed  http://www.amphorartworks.com/

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