The Fall

October 2, 2016

October is my favorite month of the year.  Besides it being to month that I was born, you could slowly feel your mood and the atmosphere around slowly changing around you.  Fall is coming.

Mill Hill Park
Mill Hill Park


 This is the time of the year when the leaves start showing it’s true colors like fake friends over time, turning brown, yellow and deep orange you can’t help but sit back and admire it and be amazed how you went from this to….that. Hoodie season and bonfires are ideal for this time of the year.  Thoughts of Halloween and Thanksgiving run across my mind with a visual of a jack-o’lantern and a Turkey making sweet love.


I love shooting outside in this weather with the motion of the slightest breeze from wind affecting your mood, while looking through the viewfinder staring at a tree slowly making a dramatic transition in front of you.  The leaves are ever changing, yet the roots stay firm forever.

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