New Year

Boom!!! Just like that, it’s a new year, and a car accident just took place 10 feet away from. I’m going into the year with no hangover and unfortunate events going on around me. 2017 seems promising.  My bred 1’s keep moving from the scene of the accident, before I’m totally noticed and asked that familiar question “do I work for the newspaper”. I take a couple of pictures while cutting through the Chambersburg area of Trenton to Wilbur Section. My destination is the Trenton Train Station._dsc0104_dsc0109

The Trenton train station exterior changes over time but forever will remain the same. From the Roy Rogers that was once inside, to now a McDonald’s. You’ll usually see or meet someone asking for spare change so they could get a sandwich, once acquired they walk the opposite way of the restaurant. The transit cops that I never actually see in or around the station but you’ll notice in every other part of the city giving traffic out tickets. Everyone is moving and hustling you can feel the energy once you walk through the doors during it’s peak hours.

untitled(Trenton Train Station)


Once I make my way to the rear exit I make my way towards the neighborhood which I’m from, Wilbur Section. There’s nothing like home. I make my way through a couple of blocks stopping, talking to old friends that I grew up with and knew since elementary school wishing them a Happy New Year.

I reach my destination at the same time the sun drops. Kicking my feet up thinking to myself that life is good, and this year will be great.


East State St


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