Happy Ending?

Something was pulling at me. I don’t know if it was my guilty conscience of karma catching up to me or trying to bring joy out of random people to lighting the weight of depression off of my shoulders. I felt obligated to give back some how or some way to less fortunate individuals I come across everyday. It was the holiday season of 2014. I gathered up about a dozen pair of work boots I had, packed my trunk and hit the streets. I would usually have about a 15 minute conversation with different individuals. I wanted to get an idea of where there heart and mind was, and for my own selfish curiosity how did they end up in there situation they are in now. Everyone has a story. It was nothing like I every done before, the emotion that I saw from the people I interacted with was so raw and real. A couple of individuals even cried.

ron2014One of the men I came across name was Ron. I would see him everyday on my lunch breaks at the same spot on East Front St. He set up a little make shift home taking shelter underneath the structure of a parking garage. I observed Ron over a month just sitting there reading, never asking pedestrians walking by for anything.  I approached Ron and asked him what he was reading, about after 10 mins of small talk I asked him what size he wore. Reluctantly he told me and I gave him a pair of boots. He stared at me and asked “why” I answered “why not”.

The year is now 2017, while walking around shooting I see Ron at the same exact location, reading. It was bittersweet seeing him in good health, but he was still homeless. I asked him if he remembers me and tell him the story of how I gave him a pair of boots. He doesn’t. After showing him the picture I took of him, we talked for about 5 mins about what’s new with one another. I believe your character goes a long way by how you treat someone when no one else is looking.



One thought on “Happy Ending?

  1. We can’t judge whether it is a happy ending as the answer lies within the individual. Looking from the outside it appears that Ron moved in and is set up which is awesome. Sometimes after living alone it is a preference. I think what your doing is great. It shows a building of respect and community. Please continue to check on Ron.


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