Therapy 6/1/2017

_DSC0668 After shaking hands with another photographer after wrapping up a short meeting about my first solo show. I grab my Nikon and hit the streets making my way home. My Jordan 3s jump off the curb trying to beat the storm clouds that are coming in. The crash of thunder in the sky is motivation enough to walk faster. While walking and taking pictures, I had an epiphany. A goal I set is coming into realization. My first solo exhibition!

New Jersey Transit bus
Gas Station

It feels like i’m on an emotional roller coaster knowing the date is getting closer. The best way to ease my mind is by doing something I love and do best, taking photos. It has always been an emotional outlet for me. It’s much deeper than just point and clicking. It’s the feeling I get I get while walking past strangers. Not knowing what they’re going through in their life. The ups and downs, the high and lows, everyone has a story. I just take the image. I leave it up to the viewer to interpret their own .

Man with his puppy
TPD on Lalor St
_DSC0729 (1)
man on south board st

Once in a while someone while ask me to take a picture of them, while i’m passing by. It’s cool, I love the interaction I get from meeting random people. They ask me what do I do, I ask diffrent question. After a couple of photos I give them my contact info and keep it moving. Trenton N.J I love my city and can’t wait until my show “Beloved Trenton”.  There’s beauty in everything some are blessed to see it.

Twenty 9
Trenton Takes bridge


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