Ignorance is Bliss

I walked right by you, ignoring your plea for help or spare change while wearing $200 pair of sneakers. It’s easy to not be concerned with something you never experienced yourself or just don’t care about. “Ignorance is bliss”. “How easy we forget”. Quotes and phrases I heard during my adolense but didn’t understand what it meant. I know how to is to be excuse my frank words but being fu*ked up. Having that empty feeling in my soul of being hopeless, and the whole world is against you. I come from a hard childhood, drugs, violence you name it. Going to bed hungry waking up hungrier. Feeling like I hit rock bottom more than once. Most of my peers i grew up with do too. Somewhat to the point that we normalized what is known as “the struggle”.

The echo of gun shoots ringing out through the neighborhood mixed with the sound of sirens, these are the adlibs to the soundtrack to my life. The bodega and local grocery stores crowded on the first of the month, with families who are receiving government and state assistance. To local booster trying to sell you what they just stole out of one of your neighbor houses. The dope fiends with the zombie lean, to the crackheads with the ambitious walk with their hands blad up. To the drunks that’ll drink rubbing alcohol if it was labeled differently. Addition is an disease that they don’t know there living with, or do know and just simply ignore it.

The way I was raised and the community I grew up in, I wouldn’t have it any other way. What I’ve been through turned me into the person I am today. During an artist talk someone asked me “how do I capture what’s around me”?. My answer, “I have no choice but to be aware of my surrounding and to capture it”. So when I walk pass a homeless person I can’t help but feel some type of compassion and reach in my pocket and spare a dollar or some change. Who am I to judge?

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