Finding Your Own Light

A great photographer and mentor of mine who shall remain nameless. Once told me he follows a couple rules while taking pictures.

1. Don’t take photos of homeless people (in a certain negative regrard)

2. Ask to take photos of people before you do.

3. Don’t take photos while drunk.

Rules were made to be broken! I heard that somewhere when I was a toddler, and it stuck with me like a bad habit. That rule, to break rules was made before I got here and who am I to not to abide.

So there I am outside of one of my favorite watering holes Championship Bar armed with my Nikon equipped with a 50mm lens. A crystal that I ordered from Amazon, and enough Jameson in my system to make any bad decision seem reasonable. Someone’s car was just side swiped by a drunk driver who keep on going. While the owner of the car was filling a report with the police officer on the scene I began to take pictures. The blue and red sirens bouncing off of the bricks walls turned on a inspirational switch in my head.

Rule #2 and 3 were just broken. I’m taking photos of drunk strangers while I’m well… pretty drunk. Once they saw that I was taking their photo they were pretty cool about it, even the driver of the car that was hit. It was late and cold outside but we didn’t care. It will be a night to never forget because of the photos I took and the insurance claim that will be made.

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