Snow Squall

WARNING SNOW SQUALL! My phone goes off with another emergency forecast alert. “What’s a snow squall”? I say under my breath, while stuck in traffic on South Board St. I’m on my way to the Cure Insurance arena to meet up with my homie Leon Rainbow. Leon is an artist and a legendary graff-artist. Leon has pieces all over Trenton and the rest of the world. He invited me to take some photos of a newly commissioned piece he just did at the arena. Pulling into the parking lot I learned the definition of a snow squall really quick. The white powder comes falling down from the sky hard and fast. Living in Jersey I’m used to this type of weather. The older I get the more I hate snow, but the kid in me love seeing it. I laugh it off humming California dreaming while walking to the entrance

Inside the arena, I start shooting photos of the piece Leon did and it’s huge. So big I could barely capture the entire piece shooting at 18mm. “Damn Leon you make me wanna go get a fisheye lens.” Leon laughs it off and we continue to catch up and talk. I’ve known Leon for years and a big fan of his work( He asks me how my knee is doing since my surgery being that he just had an ankle injury a year ago. While talking I continue to take candid photos. The photos don’t do justice of the detail that was put into what he did.

Wrapping up the shoot. Rainbow turns to me ask “hey you wanna hit that spot I’ve been telling you about.”. My short reply was YES. Me and Rainbow share the same passion of going place and hitting a spot most people haven’t including abandoned places. (I talked about this before in an earlier blog I’ll drop the link below). Off to an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Trenton we go. I’ve been to this location after several times not knowing how to get in. Today was the day.

We pull up and both know the deal. We get straight to the location, no eye contact with anyone else around. We are two explores on the same mission. It’s about 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I have Jordans 11s on sweatpants and a leather jacket. Slowly losing the feeling in my fingers with each step to our location. While focusing on my taking my shots while the snow is slowly falling on my head. I get the feeling of serenity and a warm feeling in my chest. Two weeks ago I had my leg elevated wrapped in ice. Thinking to myself when will I be able to do what I love again, or just able to walk. That moment I knew I was back on my way.

One thought on “Snow Squall

  1. Now you know I love this type of photography. The pics are etheral / haunting. I like how they make you think. Who sat in that chair? What decisuons were made while sitting in it? Keep doing what your doing. Kudos to Leon on another amazing creation.


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