Sunday Cook

02/03/2019 South Cook Ave

Y’all gotta relax. Sunday’s supposed to be a day of rest, but not for all of us. Reminds me of that episode of the Wire when Omar’s grandma hat was shot off her head. Three separate shootings happened in the area of Wilbur Section(a small part of East Trenton) on Super Bowl Sunday. The majority of my peers I grew up with are immune to random acts of violence. I’m no better, fit in with the percentage. I have childhood memories of waking up to blue and reds light bouncing off my wall through my window. This is the old neighborhood I was born and raised in. I moved maybe 4 years ago. It is still a place I call home. Take me out the hood but can’t blah, blah you know the rest. While I took a couple of photos I notice most of the pedestrians walking by and the onlookers starring weren’t really concerned about the shooting. They were most upset that they couldn’t get to the bodega for there loose cigarette or chop cheeseburger. Sunday on South Cook.

Prayers for my city and whoever lives were affected by senseless acts of violence.

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