Sub the Tea

I subbed the tea for coffee, my morning seems to be a lot smoother. Less anxiety, less stress. It’s a Friday and seems like the sun is just right. Well, there actually isn’t really sunshine outside. Only a big dark cloud that seems to eerily cast a shadow on this city. It’s cold and wet outside. It’s like a big softbox outside giving off grey and cold blue tones. I love this type of weather. It sets my mood, it does something to my creative juices. I stare motionless outside of a window of my apartment firmly holding onto my hot mug. While the steam rolls off of the hot tea inside, different ideas run back and forth through my head like a ping pong match. I put on all black, grab my camera bag and hit the streets. The location I have in mind is in East Trenton. I drove by this location a couple of times and thought it would be a cool place to take some portrait shots. I called a friend of mine who is also a photographer and he was down to shoot. While wrapping up one location we were shooting at I met an individual name Tommy Guns. Tommy Guns told me he is originally from P.A but has lived in Trenton since he’s been 15. “I’m on the way to drop off some cupcakes to a pregnant friend of mine” he shouts out. “How do you want me to pose”? I tell him to just be natural. I then asked how did you get the name Guns? He proceeded to flex his bicep. “That’s how baby”! We both laughed together. He explained to me how important the Trenton Soup Kitchen is to him and how the Captial City Garden produce that is grown there is used to help prep meals for less unfortunate in the community. I stared at him and nodded in agreement. I passed off my business card we shook hands and went separate ways. I never forget a face and in this situation, I’ll never forget the name. God speed Tommy Guns.

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