19 Degrees in Philadelphia

Philly, Philly! The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. This is a cool city that I’m pretty familiar with. It’s a city full of fighting pride and sports fans I hate. Great art scene with horrible traffic and parking. Trenton, N.J (hometown) is about 40 minutes outside of Philly. Happy to be back on my feet after my knee surgery, I think I should take advantage of the opportunity and shoot a lot more out here. This particular day I’ve come out here for a business meeting(well talk about that more in the future). After the meeting, my main mission was to roam the streets with my 50mm and get some great street shots. Once I stepped outside I felt like a Nightwalker from the Game of Thrones series. My face and fingers froze instantly, what’s worst is that the cold weather wasn’t helping the screws feel any better in my knee. It was about 19 degrees Fahrenheit. I managed to walk about 14 city block until I was close enough to Independence Hall. I realized what time it was and turned around. I wanted to be back in Jersey before it was dark. Like a kid obeying the rule of the street lights. When the street lights come on get your ass home. I was taught that lesson by my mom at an early age. To The City of Brotherly Love thank you for opening your arms for a Trentonian. I feel like this is a good beginning to a great relationship.

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