Lately, I’ve been so busy doing a lot of work with different clients. I haven’t had time for a lot of street photography. When I wasn’t with Noir (my daughter) or working with a client I would try to walk around and shoot for at least an hour. I was even able to get into an (undisclosed) abandoned spot. These photos were taken over a 2month span majority in the South Trenton area. Every photo has a unique story or interaction I had with the subject in the lens.

Pantry South Broad St
Lady in Pantry parking lot
Family Crossing South Broad St
Man With Ladder
Headless Mannequins With Lady
Man Striking a Match
Man and Puppy South Broad St
D.J JayKountree at Trenton Social
Man on Porch Steps
Man on Gate
Old Man South Broad St
Man Selling Produce
South Broad Old Peoples Home
Sweet Older Lady
South Broad Chew
Lady With Sprite
Crossing Street
Downtown Sunset
Self Potrait
Alleyway Downtown
Church off of South Broad St
Watching Netflix on Phone
Mill Hill Basement
Mill Hill Basement
Mill Hill Basement
Mill Hill Basement
Mill Hill Basment
Empty Garage
Entrance to Empty Garage
Man in Hat
Man on Steps
Franklin Griffith Building
Kingsburry Apartments
Older Couple

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