Health is Wealth

Seeds for the Garden

Doing some freelance work for a non-profit in Trenton. I spent time at the farmers market which is held in Trenton, N.J. It’s open once a week near the train station. While there I met all of the different people. From farmers to customers, younger people playing and older people just eating fresh fruit. During the opening hours, the YMCA gives out free lunches to families and others in the community. My journey here started with an idea.

fresh new jersey tomatoes

My mission working with THT (The Trenton Health Team) was to bring photos that brings there mission of being mentally aware of your health. Me thinking of ideas and phone calls lead me to met with Justin. Justin work with Isles and has a amazing garden in the city of Trenton. While having lunch in Justin’s garden, eating the same produce from the garden I just was giving a tour of. He tells me how the produce that is grown in this garden goes to the farmers market on Greenwood Ave. Whatever doesn’t sell there will be donated to a local bodega, where they usually give the food away to customers.

I had an idea that instant. I wanted to follow the fruit, vegetables and the people I met along the way would shape the story. Keeping my fingers crossed hopping THT would understand. I met some amazing people along the way with inspiring stories.

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