Health is Wealth

Doing some freelance work for a non-profit in Trenton. I spent time at the farmers market which is held in Trenton, N.J. It’s open once a week near the train station. While there I met all of the different people. From farmers to customers, younger people playing and older people just eating fresh fruit. During … More Health is Wealth


Lately, I’ve been so busy doing a lot of work with different clients. I haven’t had time for a lot of street photography. When I wasn’t with Noir (my daughter) or working with a client I would try to walk around and shoot for at least an hour. I was even able to get into … More Tales

Sub the Tea

I subbed the tea for coffee, my morning seems to be a lot smoother. Less anxiety, less stress. It’s a Friday and seems like the sun is just right. Well, there actually isn’t really sunshine outside. Only a big dark cloud that seems to eerily cast a shadow on this city. It’s cold and wet … More Sub the Tea

Snow Squall

WARNING SNOW SQUALL! My phone goes off with another emergency forecast alert. “What’s a snow squall”? I say under my breath, while stuck in traffic on South Board St. I’m on my way to the Cure Insurance arena to meet up with my homie Leon Rainbow. Leon is an artist and a legendary graff-artist. Leon … More Snow Squall

“Everybody Knows Me”

Sitting in the same spot for about twenty minutes having a conversation with another photographer. I met Craig King. Walking from a side street we noticed each other immediately. He greeted me and my friend by “saying he loves us and loves seeing young black males doing something positive”. Thank you very much I replied, … More “Everybody Knows Me”

Me&Her – 2018

After a long week that felt like forever, all I wanted to do is spend time with my daughter. Noir is now 2 years old. She so smart and observant. She’s learning how to talk and runs almost faster than me. It’s hard to believe being that I use to run track, but shes like … More Me&Her – 2018

Ignorance is Bliss

I walked right by you, ignoring your plea for help or spare change while wearing $200 pair of sneakers. It’s easy to not be concerned with something you never experienced yourself or just don’t care about. “Ignorance is bliss”. “How easy we forget”. Quotes and phrases I heard during my adolense but didn’t understand what … More Ignorance is Bliss