7:39 pm

My Oreo 4’s walk down the brick road path in South River Walk Park. With the viewfinder pressed against my eye socket, I look at the sky in amazement. At the same time I can feel the warmth of the sun slowly fade away. I managed to get here at the perfect time to catch the … More 7:39 pm

I’m Ready

  The deadline to an art show or exhibition. I have two weeks to choose which 5 out of 1,430 photos(an estimate) that feel is the best, or would generate the most attention. Between figuring which frame and print sizes would be best, I can’t sleep or relax. I’m analyzing every angle and color of … More I’m Ready

No Jersey Fresh for Me

Jersey Fresh Jam! An annual event that I look forward to every year. If you have never been to one, you have no idea what your missing. The Jersey Fresh Jam is a hip-hop festival that’s showcases bands and emcees that are locally based. With vendors and food-trucks , there is fun for all ages. The highlight for me at the J.F.J … More No Jersey Fresh for Me